Welcome to the Red Cow of Lenton



The Red Cow of Lenton in Nottingham has had a rich and varied past, to say the least. But now, under new management, it’s a real up–and–comer!

Ideally situated near the QMC, we cater for all students and local residents. With regular events like discos, karaoke and live Sky™ Sports, it’s the place to go.

There’s a room for hire for your special events, with full catering and disco available.

Food’s on the menu as well.

Coming shortly is a fantastic menu for student living low off the hip. You’re sure to get a good feed for a few bob.

In short …

The Red Cow of Lenton Lane, Nottingham – the place to come:

  • Friendly welcome
  • Superb atmosphere
  • Fine and Real ales
  • Specials offers every day
  • Regular events
  • Discos
  • Karaoke
The Red Cow, Lenton

Student Nights – Curry Nights – Promo Nights – Special Offers


The Red Cow Lenton Lane, Lenton, Nottingham. Great Local Pub, Great Ale, Warm Welcome, Sky Sports™, Discos Karaoke, Special Events